Is This A First Look at the 2014 Nissan Rogue?

Headlining the Nissan news is the Nissan Hi-Cross Concept. After making its debut last year, we've been eagerly waiting to see what will become of the model, and whether it makes it to production. Now, thanks to some recent patent filings, it appears we might have a few more answers.

Some markups of a crossover were recently filed in China, leading many to believe that the Hi-Cross will soon be a reality. But, it begs the question: will it be its own model or the next generation of a new Nissan utility vehicle?

The conventional wisdom is that the Hi-Cross is set to be the next-generation Nissan Rogue. From the dimensions listed on the patent filing, it looks accurate since they are similar to the Rogue; but nothing is set in stone.

Either way, it's an exciting time for crossovers and SUVs in the Nissan lineup. This January at the North American International Auto Show, the automaker debuted the Resonance Concept, which will inspire the likes of the Nissan Murano. Add the Hi-Cross into the mix, plus the recently redesigned Pathfinder, and we're entering a new era for the versatile vehicles.

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